Game Anarchy

Welcome to Game Anarchy a game help,tips, and hacks website. Please log in and you get 100 exp for visiting the website!

We also include game help tips and hacks for popular rpg games like runescape , world of war craft , and first person shooter games like combat arms , the Call of Duty trilogy (1-5) and other first person shooter games. We hope that you get the best out of your games. 

Here are the top 10 members of the week.

1. Anarchy exp: 1,003,853,997

2.Dark lord exp: 849,458,454

3.Game Master exp: 187.754,175

4.Holy Priest exp: 55,914,419 

5.Battle Master exp: 33,234,900

6.Trilogy King exp: 21,880,899

7.Civil War Lord exp: 15,541,656

8.Reptile exp: 8,231,000

9.ShockWave 3,798,745

10.Roflcopter exp: 1,371,091

You can earn points by posting on the forums daily, log on everyday of the week, and downloading weekly and uploading.